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Mario Lupano


Mario Lupano is historian and critic of contemporary architecture. His researches focus on Italian architecture of the first half the the 20th century, in particular to the relationship between modernism, architecture, fascism, and the work by Marcello Piacentini. He was professor at Bologna University (1996-2008), where he developed a research on the circularity of projectual, artistic and curatorial procedures, enhancing a didactic-research path focused on fashion. He curated exhibitions aimed at creating a visionary critical and spatial discourse, among the others: Workscape. MAXXI Cantiere d’autore, (X International Architectural Venice Biennale, 2006) and Atlante. Casa collettiva e abitare moderno 1930-1980 (XI International Architectural Venice Biennale, 2008). He realized editorial projects on the potentiality of a critical analysis built upon the montage of images and texts of various provenance (Total Living, 2002; Una giornata moderna: Moda e stili nell’Italia fascista, 2009). Through his academic and critical research, he aims at establishing “low definition” attitudes within architecture and other fields. He analyzes projectual culture, with a specific interest on individual poetics and strategies of european urban renovation.