Viaggio in Italia

Viaggio in Italia



Viaggio in Italia, Come to Italy with Me is divided in three main sections: Didactic activity, Internship and Thesis.


(February 2020 – June 2020)


Theory, Tools and Techniques (February)

During the first educational phase, professionals working in the editorial, curatorial and academic sectors will guide the students through the theory, focusing on techniques, narrations, languages and methodologies. The essential stages of the origin and evolution as well as the most significant practitioners of photography will be coupled with a direct approach to the more concrete aspects of the profession itself. The students will challenge themselves with the most important elements of the grammar of photographic language, such as the correct use of cameras and different technical devices, analogue and digital photography, post-production and image editing.

Dealing with photography today means knowing how to manage all the phases of development, from the initial idea to the production of publications and photographic books, in collaboration with graphic designers, photolithographers and typographers. The graphic design and editorial lessons are aimed at encouraging the autonomy of the students who, at the end of the programme, will be able to use multiple languages and techniques of production and presentation – from the exhibition to the photographic book – indispensable for today’s professional practice.



Itinerant workshops (March-June)

As of the second month, the didactic programme unfolds through a series of residencies across the Italian territory, aimed at developing different approaches to photographic language through collaborative research shared between students and teachers. (see map)
The key concepts necessary for the elaboration of the individual projects and the theses are defined through an analysis of the works produced, examining the conception, realization, and completion of the various projects from technical, theoretical, and practical points of view.



(September 2020 – January 2021)

During the second phase of the master, students will undertake internship periods at institutions, professional studios, museums, photographic archives and within other independent realities in Italy and abroad. This training offers the students the chance to directly deal with different contexts of production and diffusion of the photographic medium, and to work within a network of international professionals, photography studios, curators and editors operating in the field of contemporary photography.


(January 2021 – March 2021)

In the final phase of the Master, students will complete an individual project under the supervision of various experts (supervising professor and tutors), starting from the research trajectories developed over the course of the year of study. The final work, conceived for publication, will be presented during an end-of-course exhibition.






Duration: Annual
Start/end: from February 2020 to March 2021
Places available: 12
Enrollment deadline: 10 January 2020


Lessons will be held in Italian and English

Estimated lecture hours: 450
Estimated independent study hours: 600
Estimated internship hours: 275
Estimated thesis hours: 100
Total ECTS/cfu credits: 60

Open call registration fee € 50,00
Enrollment fee € 8000,00* + cost of stamp duty paid online

*The €8000 covers the costs of all the educational modules, from the university tuition fee to the cost of lodging during the educational period including itinerant residencies (24/02/20 – 26/06/20),  and the materials used to produce the group projects (prints for books or exhibitions). The tuition also covers the organization of
internships and thesis supervision.


Scholarship opportunities 

For the academic year 2019/2020 the assignment of n. 2 (two) scholarships with a unit value of € 5,000.00 each to partially cover the registration fees for n. 2 (two) candidates is available.
More information here…/OFFERT…/MASTER-DI-/master-Iua/index.htm

We would like to thank ICCD – Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo e la Documentazione
as the promoter of the scholarships.