Viaggio in Italia

Viaggio in Italia

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The tuition fee is € 7000.00 plus € 50.00 for the application call.

The application form is available in PDF format at the following LINK. The specific form relating to the Master in Photography can be found on page 16 of the document.

The procedure must be carried out through the IUAV university portal. More information at the following LINK.

Enrolling is open until 12.00 (CET) on Friday 15/12/2023.

The list with the names of the candidates admitted to the interview will be published by 09/01/2024.

It is not possible to enroll partly to the residences nor to few teaching modules.

The fee of € 7000.00 includes the cost of all the teaching modules, the university fee, part of the accommodation costs during the traveling residences, as well as the costs for the production of collective projects (for example prints for the production of dummies and/or exhibitions).

The fee can be paid in two installments. First installment at 50% (+ € 16.00 duty stamp) by the admission deadline. Second installment at 50% three months after enrollment.

The amount of the enrolment tax is payable through the PagoPA system according to the instructions at the following LINK.

The Master in Photography does not provide scholarships. However, there are scholarships provided at regional level for Higher Education and economic support measures provided by the IUAV university (LINK). In addition some of the students got the BNL Futuriamo loan (LINK)

All the travel expenses must be covered by students. In some cases the accommodation is paid by the University, in other cases the Master could suggest accommodation solutions at the student’s expenses. For further information and contacts see the program page, or send an email to

Students can use the multimedia laboratory and the printing service for free. Furthermore students can access the Iuav Library at the Tolentini venue.

Each workshop includes feedback sessions between students and teacher as well as a collective presentation at the end of the course where the projects are presented on printed matters. The master covers the expenses and/or the equipment for the realisation of the final output.

The production costs of the final thesis is not included in the tuition fee.

To be admitted to the program, it is necessary to have one of the following qualifications: an Italian bachelor’s degree – laurea triennale – or an old-order degree, or a Bachelor’s degree obtained out of Italy considered equivalent to the Italian qualification (with a certificate of comparability issued by CIMEA, see the following LINK).
Please read carefully Iuav University guidelines for the correct submission of the application (see the following LINK).
For any doubt please write at

The Master is a first level university master, fully recognised as such by the didactic regulations in force.

It is not necessary to have a specific educational background to apply for the Master in Photography. Students from past editions have different backgrounds such as architecture, design, visual arts, literature, engineering and others.

At the time of application students must submit a CV, a cover letter and a portfolio. The portfolio can include commercial work as well as personal projects.

There is no admission exam. The ranking will be drawn up by a judging commission that will take into consideration the curricula and portfolios entered during the application phase. There will be a motivational interview that will be carried out remotely.

A maximum number of 16 participants is admitted to the Master.

It is a necessar to own a camera for completing the Master. Each laboratory and residence, as well as the other classes require knowledge and conscious use of the photographic medium.

A laptop is required for the courses. The programs that will be used during the Master are Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom and Adobe InDesign.

The exclusive use of analogue equipment is strongly discouraged due to the fast pace of laboratories and residences where the review with the teachers and the editing on the material produced is as important as the shooting phase. The main use of digital equipment is therefore strongly recommended.

There is no age limit to apply for the Master. The age range of the students of the previous editions goes from 23 to 70 years, with an average age of about 30 years.

The Master is mainly held in Italian but dual language (ITA / ENG) is guaranteed in almost all the modules, together with the support of the teaching staff and tutors for foreign students. To access the Master it is however necessary to know the Italian language at an intermediate level, comparable to the following scores in the tests: IELTS score 6, TOEFL score 80 (Internet Based Test) or TOEFL score 550 (Paper Based Test).

Not all the guest teachers of the Master are Italian native speakers. To access it is therefore necessary to know the English language at an intermediate level, comparable to the following scores in the tests: IELTS score 6, TOEFL score 80 (Internet Based Test) or TOEFL score 550 (Paper Based Test). In any case, support from the tutors for the management of specific situations is guaranteed.

The Master lasts a whole year. It will start in March 2024 and end in March 2025.

Lessons as well as workshops and residences cover the entire working week, from Monday to Friday.

The Master has a compulsory attendance for frontal teaching and internship. A minimum percentage of 70% of the total number of hours is required in order to get the Master’s degree. A daytime midweek job is not compatible with the Master's calendar in the period between March and June in which lessons and workshops take place every day.

Attendance in the presence is mandatory.

The Master is divided into 4 parts: frontal teaching, itinerant residences, internship and thesis. The 4-week teaching part is followed by the various residences across Italy which cover a period of another 12 weeks. During the following months students will have to carry out the internship and work on the thesis project, in view of the graduation. Find the program in detail at the following LINK.

The day-by-day calendar of the program will be published together with the admission ranking.

Both the frontal lessons and the residencies take place in different locations across Italy. For more information visit the following LINK).

Frontal lessons include classroom teaching between 9.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. The residences follow the teacher’s rhythms of research and production in relation to the topic of each workshop.

The accommodations can be different depending on the location of the residence. In any case, comfort and primary services are guaranteed. Some solutions will include common accommodation or shared rooms.

Concerning Venice the venue can be reached on foot if you are already in the lagoon or by surface transport and / or vaporetto depending on the starting point. The Venetian transport company (ACTV) offers discounted rates for students and young people through membership and monthly passes. Transportation between one residence and another takes place according to personal preference. The availability of a car is highly suggested, especially for the more peripheral residences.

The internship is mandatory and will take place after the period of frontal teaching and workshops. The Internship must last a minimum amount of 300 hours. The Master offers internship solutions in collaboration with the workshop’s teachers or with other partner realities and is open to welcome student’s proposals guaranteeing the IUAV patronage. The remuneration during the internship is not guaranteed and remains at the host's complete discretion. At this LINK you can see all the internships activated so far.

The thesis consists of a personal project that must be designed and realized in the form of a photographic book by the date of the final discussions to be held in March 2025. The form and content of the thesis are at the discretion of the student who must choose a supervisor for the development of the final project. The commission will evaluate the photographic book and the final score will also take into account the student's evolution along the year of the Master.

Detailed information on the university portal at the following LINK.

If face-to-face teaching is no longer possible and the residences are temporarily suspended following the application of anti-contagion rules from COVID-19, the Master will reserve the right to request the extension of the program in order to be able to provide all the hours established by the program and guarantee the travel experience.

The tutors of the Master are available for online support. Feel free to send an email to!

For the moment there are no Open Days scheduled. The tutors of the Master are available for any questions and clarifications.